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1 February 2017

If you are reading this, we finally pushed the button and Infinite Limit is live! Hello!

We are a community-focused e-zine aiming to provide resources and news for all the game developers working on fantasy virtual consoles, such as the PICO-8 or TIC-80.

You can expect to see a range of content, aimed at both beginners and more advanced developers, covering programming, art, game design as well as useful tips and tricks to make your dev-time easy and productive.

Also, because this intended as a community resource, we are always happy to accept suggestions on what to cover, or articles written by people like you! Please don't hesitate to get in touch, and together we will push the infinite limits of virtual consoles!

Let's go!

By Aviv Beeri

Editor-in-chief for Infinite Limit. A full-stack web developer by day and hobbyist game developer by night. Commonly found on the PICO-8 Slack channel or make a noise on their twitter.